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Western Civilization II L85

What is a key idea of Classical Liberalism?

One key idea of Classical Liberalism was that the government is erected by citizens in order to protect themselves from each other.  In an ungoverned state of nature, conflicts naturally arise.  A government erected by a Classic Liberalist state would have the main purpose of protecting people from each other.

This idea was based on the assumption that all people are naturally incapable of getting along with each other.  Although this is not necessarily true in entirety, it is true enough to need police and military to be kept up.

On that note, as in Iceland, there is no military.  This is because the Icelandic government has weighed the chance of an invasion over the expense of keeping a military.

As has been shown by Iceland’s peaceful record, when there isn’t a lot to take, there aren’t a lot of people who are desperate to take it, despite almost no resistance.

The idea that people need a government to keep them at peace amongst each other was originally adopted by Thomas Hobbes who lived from April 5 1588 to December 4 1679.

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